Redlion N-Tron 7900

The N-Tron® 7900 Industrial Ethernet Modular Switch is designed to deliver optimum performance with maximum network versatility. Its flexible modular format allows customization with a variety of fiber and copper port modules. As the network evolves, port configurations can easily be changed to adapt to new communication on requirements. The fully managed series is ideal for manufacturing, utilities, transportation, energy generation, wastewater and other extreme networking environments that demand high reliability, superior noise immunity and support across extended distances.

Web browser and N-View OPC (OLE for process control) server software provides configuration and monitoring capability. N-View software easily combines with HMI software to monitor network traffic, alarms and trends. SNMP is also available for switch link and status monitoring. Status LEDs are configurable to indicate power failure and N-Ring status.

Advanced N-Ring technology provides expanded capacity, detailed fault diagnostics and fast ~30ms healing times in rings composed of N-Tron fully managed switches. The integrity of the N-Ring is continually monitored for error conditions. If a fault is detected, the ring converts to a daisy chain topology and restores communications within ~30ms. For convenience, users can easily access a detailed ring map and fault location chart through the ring manager’s browser or the OPC server. Each N-Ring accommodates up to 250 fully-managed N-Tron switches. N-Link easily connects multiple rings, creating additional pathways to critical applications and increasing overall network resiliency.

Standard industrial product features include high MTBF, extended shock and vibration specifications, redundant power inputs and a wide operating temperature range.

N-Tron’s auto sensing capabilities allow all 10/100BaseTX ports to automatically negotiate maximum speed and performance but can also be hard coded using the user interface. A high-speed processor enables simultaneous wire speed capability on all 100BaseTX ports.