Biweekly Updates –2019- January 1

Biweekly Updates - January 1

BEEP - Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol

Turck introduces BEEP, a new technology that has been integrated into many of our multiprotocol digital block I/O modules. BEEP allows a network of up to 33 devices (1 Master + 32 Slaves) or 480 bytes of data to appear to the PLC as a single device on a single connection using a single IP address. By reducing the number of connections the PLC sees, the user will be able to create high density I/O networks and still utilize their low cost PLC.

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DF-G fiber amplifiers with IO-Link

Select DF-G fiber amplifiers with IO-Link are now available in additional LED beam color options. These models make it even easier to detect transparent, translucent, dark and other challenging, low-contrast targets.

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LM Series Laser Measurement Sensor

The LM Series compact precision laser measurement sensor is a durable and extremely precise sensor that provides reliable measurements in real-world applications. Watch the video to learn more about the LM laser measurement sensor and RSD remote sensor display. Watch the video following the link below!

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T18-2 Series sensors

Designed for superior performance in washdown and thermal shock environments, T18-2 Series sensors build on the exceptional reliability provided by the original T18 Series. These next generation sensors are easier to clean, easier to use, last longer, cost less, and outperform legacy T18 Series sensors.

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SLC4 Series

Banner's shortest, most compact safety light curtains, the SLC4 Series are now available in 240 mm and 320 mm models. These new safety light curtains join the 160 mm models to provide users with even more options for safeguarding points of access and operation on compact machines and in space-constrained areas.

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QS18 Series of all-purpose sensors

QS18 Expert photoelectric sensors are now available with IO-Link—enabling powerful benefits in a compact, cost-effective, and versatile sensor family. Models are available in diffuse, polarized retro, convergent, and plastic fiber variants to solve common detection applications in automotive, material handling, and packaging industries.

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