Biweekly Updates –2019- January 2

Biweekly Updates - January 2


DXM700 controller with M7 processor, 16MB memory LCD display, 4 sourcing outputs, Ethernet, USB

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AREX400 Laser Marker

AREX400 is the top performance family of laser markers based on Fiber Laser Technology, dedicated to industrial Direct Part Marking (DPM) application AREX400 offer IP64 environmental resistance on the marking head, native communication protocols, quiet operations and embedded Safe Laser Off (SLO) . Powered by the innovative Lighter Marvis software Suite, Arex400 is available in several configurations and power sizes to ensure the best results on nearly every application.

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PTL110 Series

Scalable, Versatile Pick-To-Light Devices. PTL110 pick-to-light devices are multifunctional indicators with options for touch button, optical sensor, and three-digit display, connected in series to create a powerful picking system. With fast response times and flexible installation options, PTL110 systems improve speed, productivity, and quality in picking, kitting and related applications.

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PowerScan PD9530

Warehouses, logistic centers and manufacturing plants depend on speed and reliability when managing goods and tracking merchandise in order to improve efficiency while reducing costs. Datalogic’s PowerScan™ PD9530 area imager, the latest generation of rugged 2D area imagers, is the perfect answer for these applications.

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HLS27 Hazardous Location

• Certified for use in Class I Division 2, Class II Division 2, Class III Division 1 & 2, and Zone 2 & 22 locations • Slim, space-saving design opens mounting possibilities and limits obstruction • IP66, IP67 construction for installation in indoor, outdoor and washdown environments • Single- and dual-color models for advanced signaling, inspection and other applications • Custom brackets make mounting easy and protect against impact • Intensity control via Hi/Lo/Off wiring or PWM dimming

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Panel Interface Connector with, (4) RJ45, in a 24LS housing

A Panel Interface Connector (PIC) is a device that typically mounts to the outside of a control panel housing a PLC, computer, or other type of programmable device. Once in place, the PIC, which houses convenient pass through connections, allows the user to interface with the computer, PLC, or other devices inside the control panel. These convenient access ports eliminate the need to open the panel door, creating a safer environment on the shop floor, and helping the user adhere to the safety standards set forth by NFPA 70E.

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