Biweekly Updates –2019- July 1

Biweekly Updates 1 –2019- July

BLH Series Brushless DC Motors

• Compact, Board-type Driver (Analog or Digital type) • Speed Control via Potentiometer or DC Voltage • 24 VDC • Parallel Shaft, Hollow Shaft Flat Gear or Round Shaft (no Gear)

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Smart laser triangulation displacement sensor

• Measuring ranges (mm) 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | 200 | 500 • Linearity from 8µm • Reproducibility from 0.5µm • Measuring rate 4kHz • Compact sensor with integrated electronics

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Universal Vacuum Grippers

• Abstract • Venturi Cup Isolation • Pumps and control valves • Orifice Screws & Minimizing Leakage  • Velocity Fuses-The Self-Closing Valve

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High Performance Color Sensor

• Precise Color and Contrast Detection for Challenging Applications • Reliable Performance in Harsh Environments • Intuitive Configuration and Monitoring • Faster Changeover With Fewer Devices • Reliable Performance in Harsh Environments

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In a vacuum pick-and-place application, the most familiar method of moving products from point A to point B in today’s world is via a multi-axis robot. This enables the system builder to manipulate the motion path of the pickand-place cycle with virtually infinite adjustment.

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VE Series Smart Camera

Banner’s free and easy-to-use Vision Manager Software provides a number of tools and capabilities that enable VE Series Smart Cameras to solve a wide range of vision applications, such as item detection, part positioning, feature measurement and flaw analysis.

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