Biweekly Updates –2019- July 2

Biweekly Updates 2 –2019- July

PowerXL DG1

Eaton's PowerXL DG1 general purpose, variable frequency drives are engineered for today’s demanding commercial and industrial applications. With an industry leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and robust design, the DG1 offers customers increased efficiency, safety and reliability.

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eddyNCDT 3005

The eddyNCDT 3005 is a compact, high-power inductive measuring system (eddy current) for high speed and precision displacement and position measurements. The system comprises a robust controller, a sensor and an integrated cable and is factory-calibrated either for ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic materials.

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Terminal Block Relays XR Series

Eaton’s XR Series Terminal Block Relays use screw or spring-cage technology, and offer quick system wiring, superior safety features, clear labeling and a high level of modularity.

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Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensorfor Monitoring Machine Health. Identify equipment problems early before a failure can occur by monitoring the health of motors, fans, pumps, and similar equipment. Banner's wireless Q45VA sensor measures RMS velocity and temperature and sends that information to a DXM wireless controller over a wireless network. The all-in-one design and wireless infrastructure make it easy to deploy devices, collect machine data, track performance, and find potential problems.

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Red Lion’s Data Station protocol converter and data acquisition system is designed to act as a nexus for next-generation industrial data collection and management. Built-in MQTT connectors accelerate IIoT projects with point & click simplicity, while embedded OPC UA server functionality eliminates the need for separate system hardware to gather and exchange data with upstream systems.

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Split cable entry system for routing and sealing cables with connectors, providing an IP65 / IP66 / up to UL type 4X rating and strain relief for cable diameters from 1 to 16 mm (single-hole grommets KT 1 - 15) and 16 to 35 mm (single-hole grommets KT 16 - 34). The cable entry system is easy to install. Cable grommets are placed into compartments and are securely fixed to the frame during assembly.

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