Biweekly Updates –2019- May 1

Biweekly Updates - May 1

DRIVEFLEX® Cable for VFD and Motor Applications

- Designed to cope with the power distortions in VFD applications - UL listed type “Flexible VFD Servo Cable, Flexible Motor Supply Cable” to comply with codes and standards regarding electrical wiring of VFDs - Superior electrical values for VFD applications

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Energy Meters

In a global scenario in which energy must be monitored and managed efficiently, LOVATO Electric presents its updated series of energy meters for single and three-phase systems. Compatibility with the EXM... type expansion modules and the availability of a data concentrator allow LOVATO Electric energy meters to connect with the most common communication systems (USB, RS232, RS485, M-BUS and Ethernet).

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PKP2 Series Stepper Motor

-Light and Powerful: 25% lighter than comparable conventional gearheads -Efficient and Reliable: Low backlash and high output torque -Low Heat Generation: Low friction bearing design allows for continuous operation without sacrificing performance -Encoder types available -Compact and flat motor connector

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groov : Epic Processor

The Edge Programmable Industrial Controller is an embedded Linux®, real-time controller with gateway functions. The modern design of the groov EPIC processor offers a compact, industrial computer that features a resistive-touch, high-resolution LCD display. The LCD display lifts to provide easy access to the power button, power supply connectors, network interfaces, ports, and status LEDs

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Wireless Solutions Kits: Vibration

• Easily monitor machine vibration on any rotating asset - Reduce downtime and plan needed maintenance - Efficiently manage replacement parts - Track machine faults and warranty • Fully integrated solution for easy setup - Setup wireless network using HMI interface - No programming needed • Visualize data locally on the HMI, send it to the network, or view it remotely via the cloud

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USB-Interface Signal Tower

-PC controlled - Powered over USB for single cord installation - Open architecture for custom programming - Compatible with Windows® and Linux

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