Biweekly Updates -2020- December 2

Biweekly Updates –2020- December 2


Unlimited Electro Group presents its line of “Bowl feeders”, with custom integrations, from “Hopper feeders” to sound reduction cameras and the most competitive prices on the market. Fill out the quote sheet, or send us an email to if you have a more specific inquiry.

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Gryphon 4200 Series

Datalogic’s distinctive ‘soft line viewfinder’ helps the operator to easily target the code to be read, making it easier and faster to point, shoot and decode the proper label, reducing accidental reads in multiple bar code situations.

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Handheld Micro Sensor Torque Drivers

- Total Torque Range: 0.01 – 5.0 Nm - Ultimate Torque/Angle Measurement Precision: - Strain Gage based Rotary Torque Sensor integrated at the Bit Chuck - 24 bits A/D Converter Resolution of the Torque Measurement at the Rotary Part - Brushless Digital Signal Transmission from the Rotary to the Stationary Part - 0.1 Degrees Resolution of the Angle Measurement directly at the Bit Chuck - Brushless DC Motor Technology - Adaptive Screw Tightening Strategies - All Controls integrated - Industry-4.0-compliant - High Productivity

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Illuminated Switches

In-line capacitive touch switch with M12 connectors On/Off or PWM Control Models available Low profile, rugged, water-resistant design

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DIN rail power supply with IO-Link port

The power supply is placed at a central nodal point in the system. There is more than just current flowing. A power supply records a significant amount of real-time information that is of particular interest to the operating firm as well as the system manufacturer.

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1-Color In-Line illuminator

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