Biweekly Updates -2020- October 1

Biweekly Updates –2020- October 1


Unlimited Electro Group presents its line of “Bowl feeders”, with custom integrations, from “Hopper feeders” to sound reduction cameras and the most competitive prices on the market. Fill out the quote sheet, or send us an email to if you have a more specific inquiry.

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High Precision Planetary Gearboxes IN LINE

Apex Dynamics helical planetary gearboxes are constructed with precision helical planetary gears hardened to 840 HV, an internal gear that is machined directly in to the gearbox housing, our patented input bearing system that ensures perfect concentricity, and patented input and output sealing. Ratio availability of 3-100:1.

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FS+ Compact Flow Sensors

The compact flow sensors of the FS+ series enable reliable and reproducible monitoring of liquid media. The sensors can be used in almost all industrial applications thanks to the modular mechanical concept. For the desired process connection a wide range of different process adapters is available.

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Flowmeter Series Flux 0

The flowmeters FLUX 0 series are miniaturized devices used to measure air flow rate. They come complete with push-in pipe fittings. Numerous functions can be viewed and set on a three-colour display. They have 2 digital and one analogue outputs, each of which can be freely set to measure the instantaneous flow rate, the accumulated flow rate or the pressure, therefore they can perform the function of flowmeter, flow switch, pressure gauge or pressure switch.

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groov RIO

Designing it to democratize I/O data, we built so much into this one device—super-flexible I/O channels, multiple installation options, and embedded software for retrieving, processing, and transmitting data—that it takes some work to understand the full range of functions it provides.

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ONE configurator

n the world of pneumatics, which is considered mature, it is rare to encounter completely new and different products. ONE a compressed air treatment unit with a high degree of integration, that encompassed numerous pneumatic functions. In fact, it containsso many innovations that a single patent is not enough to safeguard it against imitation - three separate patent applications have been registered with a total of 39 claims. This unit is so innovative that itwon the international novelty award at Fluidtrans Compomac.

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