Biweekly Updates -2020- September 1

Biweekly Updates –2020- September 1

Palm switches

LOVATO Electric LP9 palm switches, with an ergonomic design and a large surface for easy actuation with the hand, elbow or foot, are designed for machine stop and immediate service control applications.

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The AV900 reader is an innovative 2D reader industrial reader setting a new paradigm for logistic applications with high-speed transportation systems on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems, distribution, as well as static reading and sorting applications.

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Switch disconnectors and changeovers switches

GL switch disconnectors feature a compact body. The four-pole version can be made up directly by the client thanks to the supplementary fourth pole (available separately) which, like the neutral and earth terminals, can be installed on both sides of the switch with 2 screws included in the kit. The switch disconnectors can be mounted to a plate with 4 screws, without any restriction on positioning.

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E3 I/O™ Modules

Red Lion’s E3 I/O modules provide a robust and reliable platform for local and distributed monitoring and control of processes and equipment in harsh industrial environments.

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Ri-QR24 Contactless Encoder

Turck’s new encoder means that the user no longer has to make a compromise between resolution and rugged design. All the measures required to protect encoders from mechanical stress using springs or double bearings are no longer necessary. Apart from the interference immunity and wear-free design of the system, the user also benefits from the universal parametrization concept.

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Digitax HD Servo Drive Series

The Digitax HD servo drive series extends the Unidrive M range with maximum servo performance in a minimum size package. Optimized for high-dynamic applications, Digitax HD provides the flexibility of both standalone and modular configurations. The drive offers full servo control plus open loop permanent magnet motor and induction motor control across four functionality levels: EtherCAT, MCi machine control, Ethernet and the flexible Base servo drive.

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