Biweekly Updates -2021- December 2

Biweekly Updates –2021- December 2


The Unixact Series B tabletop dispensing systems provide the performance and capability needed for precise electronic product assembly. All the advanced process control needed for repeatable and high-quality jetting are included in this compact system.

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LPT Warning Light

Highly durable warning light with various flash patterns and ability to set multiple units in simultaneous or alternating operation.

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Wireless K70 Touch Series

The K70 70 mm wireless touch button is a large, easy to activate solid state switch and high visibility indicator. Touch buttons in this series are ideal for use in pick-to-light, call button and general industrial applications.

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New this month, an Inductive Safety Sensor with two OSSD (output switching signal device) outputs. The sensors send switching signals to safety systems via their OSSD outputs. This is used to easily detect short circuits, overloads or cross-connections while simultaneously testing the shutdown capabilities.

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BE-A Series Optical Bubble Sensor

BE-A Series Optical Bubble Sensor For Small Diameter Tubes Fits perfectly with applicable tube sizes! Detects liquid and air bubbles without fail!

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ATM Series Miniature Analog Timers

The ATM series miniature analog timers feature compact, space-saving design (W 21.5 x H 28 mm) with a simple 14-pin plug-in socket. The ATM series is available in 11 different time ranges (0.1 sec to 3 hr) and various power supply options. The timers feature 4PDT contacts, quick reset time of 100 ms, and repeat accuracy of ±0.5% for highly accurate timing control.

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