Biweekly Updates -2021- January 2

Biweekly Updates –2021- January 2

New ABR Models

ABR Series barcode readers can now be used to solve even more track and trace applications. New to the series are 2 MP ABR 7000 models offering increased resolution to read smaller codes, over a larger target area, and at greater distances.

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The IQ Power HL System is our most innovative static control system designed to optimize static neutralization in hazardous locations where safety is a concern.

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Wireless I/O Data Radios

Sure Cross® MultiHop Ethernet Data Radios are wireless industrial communication devices used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks.

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GP4000H Series (Handy)

Advanced Handheld Interface "Get closer to your machine"

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Support Arm Systems

Teknokol Support Arm / Suspension arm systems for HMI enclosures provide cost efficient, quick lead time, modular assembly and customizable solutions. Teknokol Support arms are designed for loads up to 120kg.

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ATOM is a compact and ultra-robust RFID high coded solenoid interlocking device. As typical with products from Fortress Interlocks, ATOM is externally approved and is suitable for applications up to PLe (Cat. 4). The metal housing and high retention force then suits ATOM for heavier industry applications.

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