Biweekly Updates -2021- July 2

Biweekly Updates –2021- July 2

LX Series

Large detection area with 3” - 36” lengths and 2 adjustable sensing ranges Generates a cross hatch beam pattern for extraordinary sensitivity to small objects and consistent detection of packages where the leading edge varies

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Medium Duty Safety Switch: THNSMQ3

Medium Duty Safety Switch with Ergonomic Handle for Hinged Guard Applications where monitored access is required. Door Hinges to the Left of the Unit.

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Lidar Guidance Scanner

Lidar Guidance Scanner (LGS-N50) is a compact, rugged navigation Lidar based on time-of-flight (TOF) infrared laser technology to provide a complete offering for the market of Automated and Laser Guided Vehicles (AGV/LGV) or Forklifts (AGF), used for intralogistics and manufacturing.

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Single-Beam Light Barriers

The through-beam photoelectric sensors SLA series is part of a category 2 or 4 self-monitoring photoelectric safety devices per EN 954-1 and EN 61496. It must be used with the SLVA or SC4-8 safety amplifiers.

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Carbon Fiber Detection Sensors

Turck has created inductive sensors specifically created to detect carbon fiber materials and pressed carbon parts. With high reliability thanks to its Uprox base technology and wide temperature range of 0-100° C, these IP68-rated sensors are ideal for use in the automotive, alternative enrgy and sporting good industries.

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High-performance AC servo systems consisting of servo amplifiers with advanced vibration suppression and highly efficient servo motors. High resolution encoders improve trajectory accuracy and position repeatability by dramatically improving responsiveness. By providing optimal performance, this is a key component for reducing cycle time and improving production efficiency.

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