Biweekly Updates -2021- March 1

Biweekly Updates –2021- March 1

Wireless Call for Parts

Call for Parts Productivity Solution

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SR2/3 Series

Three-Phase Solid State Relays (Detachable Heatsink Type) The SR2/3 series three-phase solid state relays are detachable heatsink types, which can be used with various heatsinks.

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T30R Radar Sensor

The T30R is a long-range sensor that provides reliable detection and position feedback in extreme applications

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ASK-1T safety mat

The ASK-1T safety mat has a molded ramp rail. These are cost-efficient and easy to install. If two or more mats are to be joined together, the ramp rails are simply cut off. The safety mats are available in different sizes.

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optoNCDT ILR 2250

The optoNCDT ILR2250-100 laser distance sensor is designed for precise distance measurements in industrial environments. A reflector attached to the measuring object enables distance measurements up to 150 m. Without reflector, the sensor detects measuring ranges up to 100 m.

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Intelligent Rotary Torque/Angle Sensors High precision strain gauge based torque sensors - Brushless energy and signal transmission system - High resolution incremental encoder (0.1 degrees) - Ultra compact size - USB interface - Ethernet interface - RS-485 interface - Torque window control - Mechanical overload protection clutch (sensors up to 200 cNm range) - Standard USB and Ethernet connectors - Calibration according to DAkkS / DIN 51309 (optional)

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