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The digital load cells in the Pendeo® Process series from Minebea Intec are specially designed for silo and process vessel weighing.

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A powerful compact 10 kVA 3 phase in 3 phase output that is scalable/redundant and advance double conversion On line ups. Featuring tier one interior components and DSP micro-processors that result in a seriously powerful and reliable UPS for the most critical and sensitive loads.

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Automated Test Systems

Expert engineering, integration, and delivery of cost-effective automated test equipment (ATE) and software platforms designed to fit your technical and standards requirements.

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Slat Conveyors are used in horizontal conditions and operating at relatively slow speeds. They are generally used to move items that are not typically conveyable on rollers or belts, due to an irregular shape or bottom condition. They can also be used in assembly operations by modifying the slats to accommodate assembly fixtures.

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The new design includes a patented torque sleeve that eases the installation of every cordset while also improving its ability to keep contaminants out. It also provides improved vibration performance.

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JTHD Series

Highest price-performance ratio model, fast CAD-to-CP conversion, strong functionality

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