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The ECO 150 series of operator panels are operator panels with the highest class as a segment. With its modern line and elegance; together with the articulable of additional panel feature the modularity has reached to a higher level.

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Servo Gear Units with Brake

ServoStop is a revolutionary safety brake that provides dynamic braking during power failures or emergency stops in hazardous situations. It is integrated into the gearbox and prevents accidental sliding or falling of vertical axis. The servo motor can be dismounted even with the brake engaged.

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The innovative weighing module is the solution for hygienic applications - designed by EHEDG guidelines.

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System 30Compact, 3-pole

Advantages of the system -for compact control and distribution panels -number of components is kept to a minimum -many 60Classic components can be used here as well

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The OnRobot 2FGP20 electric gripper offers a wide stroke and customizable arms to easily handle heavy or open boxes, shelf-ready products, and other containers such as Euro containers (plastic KLT bins) that can’t be handled with traditional vacuum grippers. Like all OnRobot electric grippers, the 2FGP20 provides fast, out-of-the-box deployment with intuitive programming.

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amGardpro – Heavy Duty

✅Configurable construction allows functionality to be specified to the exact application’s requirements ✅ Wide range of actuators for all door types and ergonomic options ✅ Over 200,000 unique key codes possible in trapped key elements ✅ Metal alloy & stainless steel construction

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